Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria and Jessica Biel

The only dress that I find striking in this group is Jessica Biel’s. She looks gorgeous in this simple white beaded dress with clean lines and a flattering cut. Her upswept hair, understated makeup, and matching earrings all compliment the look perfectly.

Penelope Cruz is lovely as usual, but I’m not digging her her southern belle of a black dress. Eva Longoria doesn’t look bad, but her eye makeup is overdone and I don’t like the beading or the shape of her dress. Rachel Weisz needs some more accessories to go with this monochromatic dress, and she should work it a little more on the red carpet.

I am sitting here in jeans and a tank top, and am in no way qualified to judge these gorgeous women, or any of the other celebrities I diss on a daily basis.