CMT Pairs ‘Party Down South’ With Gainesville

The original Party Down South cast – Daddy, Lyle, Murray, Walt, Hannah "Hott Dogg," Lauren, Mattie and Tiffany – reunite in St. Petersburg, Fla. for a 10-episode season of partying, adventure and drama. Season 4 begins with a fight as Tiffany goes head-to-head with Hannah over her new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, an old flame comes back into the picture for Lyle, while Walt and Murray boogie down with the women of St. Pete, and "Martha" crashes her own birthday party. Say what you will, Party Down South‘s Season 3 ranks as CMT’s highest rated original series this year — nearly 3 million weekly viewers across all platforms with 2 million impressions on Twitter.

Gainesville is described as a "heartwarmingly honest depiction" of going out on your own, or at least as honest, not to mention realistic, as being on TV can be. But hey, it’s definitely not all party time as Andreya, Austin, Beth, Brian, Kenny, Kerryn and Shelby struggle to find their place in the world. In each of the 10 half-hour episodes, the young friends will fight their way through heartbreaks and money problems.

Party Down South is produced by 495 Productions, with SallyAnn Salsano, Joel Zimmer, Kyle Simpson and Paul Storck serving as exec producers. Jayson Dinsmore and Morgan Selzer executive produce for CMT. Gainesville is produced by Wheels Off Entertainment, a division of Brick City, with exec producers Yoav Attias, Nicholas Burnett, Daniel Levin and Alan Deutsch. John Miller-Monzon, Lewis Bogach and Jayson Dinsmore exec produce for CMT.